**NEW** Ghee 4 Pack

What is Ghee Pipcorn

The best real organic butter popcorn ever made (in our humble opinion)! We wanted to bring you all the buttery goodness of movie popcorn with an ingredient list we were proud of! 

You've probably learned about Ghee on Dr. Oz or in the round up of popular health trends, or from your paleo obsessed friend, but Ghee has actually been along for hundreds of years! It is clarified butter, free of lactose and casein, and with lots of antioxidants- in short, ghee is better butter!

We work with a 5th generation Ghee maker, Pure Indian Foods. Their Ghee is organic, made from grass fed cows. We found the best of the best, tested batch after batch and came up with the butteriest butter popcorn you've ever had. We are proud to welcome this 3 ingredient, non-GMO vegetarian pipcorn to the family! 

    All orders come with four, 4oz bags of Ghee Pipcorn (Perfect for sharing)

    Please allow 7 days for your order to ship! 
      **Ghee Pipcorn is NOT vegan**

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