4 bags, $16

When we’re craving the taste of summer and the county fair, we reach for a bag of Kettle Mini Heirloom Popcorn. Perfectly sweet and salty and made with simple ingredients, it's the ideal light and healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Oh, and it has 60% less sugar than the leading sweet popcorn!

Each bag is 5 ounces.

The Reviews Are In

Great for Vegans icon

Great for Vegans

100% Plant-Based Goodness.

Great Office Snack icon

Great Office Snack

Whole grain for long-lasting energy.

Great for School Lunches icon

Great for School Lunches

Only 4 grams of sugar per serving.

Great for Calorie Counters icon

Great for Calorie Counters

30% less sugar than the leading kettle corn.


Why Heirloom?

We're heirloom obsessed, find out why you will be too...

Why Heirloom?