Vegan Caramel


4 bags, $16

Meet our Vegan Caramel Mini Heirloom Popcorn! We spent years perfecting our dairy-free caramel recipe (which does not call for artificial colors or flavorings or any other additives), and we're so proud to share it with you. It has all the satisfaction of caramel made with cream, and the lightness of a plant-based treat you can snack on every day!

Each bag is 8.25 ounces.

The Reviews Are In

Great for Vegans icon

Great for Vegans

100% Plant-Based & Soy Free.

Great Office Snack icon

Great Office Snack

Perfect for that 3 pm sweet treat craving.

Perfect for Parties icon

Perfect for Parties

Easy dessert for any occasion.

Great for Calorie Counters icon

Great for Calorie Counters

30% less fat than leading caramel popcorn.


Why Heirloom?

We're heirloom obsessed, find out why you will be too...

Why Heirloom?