The Best Snacks (and Other Essentials) for Your Summer Road Trip

The Best Travel Snacks (and Other Essentials) for Your Summer Road Trip

Pipcorn | July 26

If we're going anywhere in the car that's further than, say, 20 minutes away, we've gotta have snacks. So for a summer road trip we've gotta have SNACKS. And a bunch of other stuff to make hours in the car as comfy as possible. Here's what we're packing!


Duh, we already told you this one. Specifically, we're not leaving home without Cheddar Cheese Balls and Sea Salt Mini Popcorn. They're upcycled, bite-sized, delicious, and—very important—don't make a lot of crumbs!

2. Comfy clothes

Skinny jeans and long drives do not mix. Elastic is your friend here.

3. Maps

You may think your phone is all you need, but have you ever been down to a quarter tank somewhere in the middle of Wyoming with no signs of civilization for miles and no cell service? Been there, never doing that again. Bring actual maps.

4. Podcasts & playlist

Queue up those true crime podcasts (or whatever it is you're hooked on), create a playlist of your favorite oldies and get ready to be one with the road.  You've got many hours of listening ahead.

5. First aid kit (for yourself and the car!)

You always want to be ready to change a tire, and chances are high there'll be at least one paper cut from those paper maps you're packing.  Be prepared! 

6. A (non-iPhone) camera! 

A camera that you have to get developed is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will you feel like a real adventurer, but when you are home and finally remember to get the roll developed, you'll re-live the memories you had out on the open road. 

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