Shark Tank Sampler Pack

$49.00 [11- full size bags]

Shark Tank Sampler Pack Shark Tank Sampler Pack Shark Tank Sampler Pack Shark Tank Sampler Pack Shark Tank Sampler Pack

For when you just want a little bit of everything! You get your salt, your spice, your truffle, and your dip on – these are endlessly snackable options that pack on the flavor and bring on the crunch! Our sustainably grown, deliciously crunchy heirloom snack taste so good, you’ll forget that they’re actually good for you, too. They’re also non-GMO, gluten-free, and perfectly seasoned – so you get everything you’re craving (and nothing you aren’t). Crunch your way to the bottom of the first bag, and then open the next. That’s the beauty of the sampler pack.

Contains one bag of each of the following: 
- 4.5oz Real Cheddar Cheese Balls
- 4.5oz White Cheddar Cheese Balls
- 4.5oz Truffle Mini Popcorn
- 4.5oz Sea salt Mini Popcorn
- 4.5oz Tabasco Cheddar Balls
- 7oz Real Cheddar Crunchies
- 4.5oz Sea Salt Twists
- (2) 4.5oz Cinnamon Sugar Twists 
- 4.5oz Honey Barbeque Twists
- 9.25oz Corn Dippers


Shark Tank Sampler Pack



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