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Pipcorn - all flavors are dairy free and certified vegan. Even our Caramel Pipcorn is made without dairy!

Cheese Balls - all flavors are not vegan or dairy free.

Corn Dippers - all flavors are vegan.

Yes! Certified Gluten Free! 

Our products are made from heirloom corn that is Non-GMO Project certified. It is not certified organic, but the family farmers who grow it do use sustainable practices. All of our flavors are also free of preservatives and artificial flavors!


There are a few things that make Pipcorn different. First, it is an heirloom popcorn. Second, it’s mini popcorn! Our popcorn pops to about half the size of ordinary popcorn. It’s crunchier and more flavorful than the popcorn you are used to.

Yes! Pipcorn is a special variety of heirloom corn grown right here in the USA.

The hull is the seed in a kernel, and the variety of popcorn we pop does, in fact, have a hull. The nice thing is that the hulls on our kernels are much more delicate than ordinary kernels. When popped, the shells break up into such small pieces that you won't get those big hard pieces stuck in your teeth as often.

We make no claims that Pipcorn products are easy to digest. If you suffer from any digestive conditions or oral issues that affect your gums or teeth, please contact your physician before consuming Pipcorn or Pipsnacks products.

Cheese Balls

No way! We wouldn’t touch Yellow 6 and Red 5 and all their cousins with a ten-foot pole. We use a natural extract from paprika to give our cheese balls the fun orange color you expect!

Our cheese balls are baked, so we don’t need to use as much oil as our fried-ball competitors. Don’t worry, you still get the same crunch!

Corn Dippers

Yes! We use a delicious white heirloom corn that is non-GMO Project verified!  

Because they are made with a Oaxacan white heirloom corn! 

Snack Crackers

Yes! All of our crackers are certified Gluten Free! 

Yes! All of the crackers are certifeid non-GMO! 

Yes. All of the crackers contain organic whey protein and the cheddar crackers are made with orgnaic cheddar cheese! 

The crackers are Gluten free, Soy free, Yeast free, Egg free and Non-GMO! 

The crackers are baked! And contain Zero trans fat! 

We sell our crackers in packs of 3!

Customer Service

Email us and we will try our best to make the change before it ships!

Yes! You should have received an email with a tracking number once your package was shipped. Check there, or email orders@pipsnacks.com with your name and address and we will track it down for you. 

Please email orders@pipsnacks.com with any concerns. 

Right here online! Or check out our Find Us page and enter your zip to find a store that carries Pipcorn near you. We recommend calling before you go to make sure they have the product and flavor you want in stock.

Feel free to contact orders@pipsnacks.com for information on bulk ordering!

No. Unfortunately we do not ship internationally, but we are working very hard to get Pipcorn to our fans outside of the USA. Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates.


Why Heirloom?

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