Black Founder Spotlight: Meet Delisa and Zach Harper, Founders & CEO of Funky Mello!

Black Founder Spotlight: Meet Delisa and Zach Harper, Founders & CEO of Funky Mello!

Shannon Linsenbigler | October 25

Once per month, we feature a Black entrepreneur on our blog and our social media as part of an ongoing effort to amplify awareness for Black-founded brands.

What is Funky Mello? 

Funky Mello is a feel-good food company based in Austin, TX. We make the world's first refrigerated plant-based marshmallow crème! It's a deliciously clean fluffy treat that is also vegan, top 8 allergen-free, and gluten-free. Add it to your coffee, dip fruit, make a s'more, and so much more!

What’s the origin story of Funky Mello?

We love sweets but our dietary restrictions left us with very little to no dessert options when we went out to eat. One of those options was a plain crispy treat which inspired us to create these nostalgic marshmallow treats in a new 'funky' way. We actually met through a music festival and started this venture just 6 months into dating! You can think of our brand's bright colors, funky music, and bold flavors as a fun party that never ends. And the best part? Everyone's invited!

How did you go from having an idea for a company to being a founder? What made you take the leap?

We were curious if others would enjoy our treats as much as we did so we tested it out at local farmers markets. They were a hit! We wanted to share it with more people, which meant forming an LLC, improving our marshmallow to make it more enjoyable and inclusive of most diets, and making it more accessible online and in stores. In 2020, we officially became a nationwide business!

Where can we try Funky Mello?

Visit to find us in a store near you OR order our newest flavors online, like pumpkin spice, cherry, and banana!
Major online/in-store retailers that you’d like to mention. We can link to your site/store locator too. We're in the all 7 Whole Foods Markets in Austin, TX and this holiday season, our vanilla crème can be found in over 200 Sprouts Farmers Markets NATIONWIDE!!!

Come try Funky Mello yourself! Use promo code FUNKY15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase.    

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