Meet Our New Heirloom Snack Crackers

Meet Our New Heirloom Snack Crackers

Pipcorn | April 22

We’ve got big news: We have Heirloom Snack Crackers!

They’re delicious bite-sized crackers that are perfect for eating by the handful. And of course they’re made with our signature heirloom corn for an incredible texture and flavor like all our products. We can’t wait for you to try them!

“The process of creating Pipcorn’s snack crackers was an amazingly fun journey that showed us just how much we can do with our heirloom corn,” said co-founder Jeff Martin. “We started with a challenge of having extra corn flour from our cheese ball manufacturing and ended up creating an entirely new snack. We are taking Pipcorn down a more sustainable path with all of our products and the snack crackers are a great showcase of those efforts.”

Things to Love About Our New Crackers

There are so many ways to eat ‘em

These are crackers you’ll snack on by the handful right out of the box! You’ll serve them with your kids’ lunches, sprinkle them on top of tomato soup, put them out with cheese and fruit for family game night or reach for when the 3 p.m. munchies hit. And with fewer calories and half the fat of the leading gluten-free cracker per serving, it’s okay to eat ‘em as often as you want.

They come in 3 great flavors

You knew we couldn’t make only one kind of cracker! We’ve got three delicious flavors: Sea Salt, Cheddar and Everything. 

Sea Salt, of course, is classic. The white T-shirt of snacks. That goes-great-with-everything cracker you always want to have on hand.

Cheddar is another classic cracker flavor you already know and love. But we’re betting you’ll love our take on it even more for the organic cheese and natural color from paprika and annatto. 

Everything is inspired by our favorite bagel. It’s toasty, it’s salty, it’s garlicky. It’s here to satisfy your snack cravings morning, noon or night.

The ingredients are simple and tasty 

We make our crackers (and all our products) from special heirloom corn. When you’ve got an ingredient as unique and flavorful as heirloom corn, you don’t need to add a bunch of fat and salt and artificial flavors to make it taste good. Instead, we stay true to the value of our heirloom corn and only use simple, delicious ingredients like non-GMO sunflower oil, sea salt, organic cheddar cheese, color from paprika and annatto, and real seasonings.  

The corn is upcycled

Fun fact: the corn used to make our crackers is upcycled! What does that mean? Well, when we make our cheese balls, we always have some extra finely ground heirloom corn flour. We didn’t have a way to use it in our other snacks, so we decided to make a new one! Now that we’ve added these crackers to our product family, we’re able to use 99.9% of all the heirloom corn we purchase, so there’s virtually no waste.  

The box is made from recycled paper

The way we see it, if you’re going to make a sustainable, upcycled cracker, you’ve got to put it in a sustainable, recycled box. Our cracker boxes are made from 100% recycled paper, so it really is a fully sustainable product. In fact, that’s the direction we’re working to move in for all the Pipcorn packaging and products. We’re still a small company, but we have big ambitions!

You can try ‘em today!

Like what you heard and want to give our crackers a try? You can find them at Whole Foods Markets now! We are working hard to get crackers into more retailers soon.

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