Pipcorn Truffle Mini Heirloom Popcorn Is a Fan Favorite

Pipcorn Truffle Mini Heirloom Popcorn Is a Fan Favorite

Pipcorn | January 24

We’ve experimented with a bunch of different flavors for our Mini Heirloom Popcorn over the years, but the one our customers can’t seem to get enough of is truffle. In fact, our Truffle Mini Heirloom Popcorn was one of the flavors that won over Barbara Cocoran and the other Sharks when we appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014, and the one that Oprah loved the most when she named Pipcorn to her list of Favorite Things in 2012 (and three more times after that!). 

“We’d always thought about doing a truffle popcorn, but we decided to launch Pipcorn with classic flavors we grew up eating like sea salt and kettle,” said Pipcorn co-founder Jen Martin. “But truffle was always on our minds, and once we started talking to Oprah and her team and found out that she loved truffle, we decided to give it a go, and we’ve never looked back!”

At the time when Popcorn introduced Truffle Mini Heirloom Popcorn, there was a lot of buzz around truffles and truffle favoring, but despite the demand it was still a challenge for shoppers to find the flavor.

“It’s hard to remember because now you can find truffle everywhere, but at the time you could only get it at trendy restaurants,” Jen said. “Truffle popcorn was definitely the right move for our brand. Right away people began to associate truffle with Pipcorn popcorn. We were constantly selling out.”

The secret to this delicious snack really isn’t a secret at all—it’s right on the back of the bag. We pop our special mini heirloom kernels (which have way more flavor than commercially grown popcorn) in non-GMO sunflower oil and then toss the popcorn with black truffle salt. That’s it! The irresistible, complex flavors come from the simplest of ingredients.

“I think our truffle popcorn really caught on because we were one of the only brands at the time who used truffle salt that didn't contain any fragrance or fake truffle flavor—it was just real truffles and sea salt. Even people who thought they didn't like truffle, because they were used to the overwhelming fake perfumes, loved our truffle popcorn because it was real,” Jen explained.

Not only does Truffle Mini Heirloom Popcorn live up to the hype, but it's also a snack that you can also feel good about eating. We don’t like to brag (okay, maybe a little bit), but it has 20 percent fewer calories and 40 percent less fat per serving compared with our leading competitor. This is a snack you can munch on every day without getting bored or feeling guilty—no wonder it’s an enduring flavor with dedicated fans! 

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