Our Story

It's a family affair!

Pipcorn was born in 2012, when Jeff Martin was helping his sister, Jen move apartments. With everything packed up except a bag of tiny heirloom popcorn kernels that Jen found in the Chicago health food store where she worked, they popped batch after batch of the most delicious popcorn they’d ever had! They liked this one so much, they tracked down the Indiana farmer who grew it from his family’s heirloom seed stock. Together with Jeff’s wife, Teresa, they created a new company, Pipsnacks™.

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We are proud to be a women-owned, minority-owned, family business, and this is our eight year story condensed into some major and minor milestones. The biggest takeaway? We are unbelievably grateful to be here and we love snacks, especially ones made with heirloom corn!

The Idea

We found the most amazing heirloom popcorn kernels around. They tasted better than any popcorn we've ever had, they were crunchy, light and tasted like real corn! So we decided to pop 'em and name them Pip!  They continue to exceed our greatest expectations! 

April 2012

The Launch

Pipcorn launched at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, NY. We hand-stamped bags and popped in our mom's spaghetti pot! 


November 2012

OMG (The O stands for Oprah)

After finding us at an outdoor market, Pipcorn was picked as one of Oprah's Favorite Things! (We were then picked 3 more times!)

May 2013

Building the Brand

We got into our first retailers, including our home region of Whole Foods Market! From there we sampled our butts off in store and at local events! 

November 2014

We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

We pitched to the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank and got a deal with Barbara Corcoran! 

January 2016


Pipcorn was rolled out nationally to all Whole Foods Markets!

January 2017

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

Launched three new flavors and went to Death Valley to pop popcorn using the SUN!

December 2018


We decided our little brown bags needed a little more UMPF. So we kept the kraft and added a little, ok a lot of color! 

August 2019

New Snacks

We started this snack journey on a mission to recreate the snacks we love, so 7 years later we decided our heirloom popcorn needed some company! We are proud to introduce Heirloom Cheese Balls and Heirloom Corn Dippers! 


Head to our social media to get a behind the scenes of the pip squad and some very good snacking moments. Grateful to our team, our customers, buyers, our family and friends and everyone who helped us get here! #SnackHappy

April 2020


We are upcycling!

We’ve got big news: we have snack crackers! They’re delicious bite-sized crackers that are perfect for snacking at any occasion. But wait there is more! The corn used to make our crackers is upcycled! What does that mean? Well, when we make our cheese balls, we always have some extra finely ground heirloom corn flour. We didn’t have a way to use it in our other snacks, so we decided to make a new one! Now that we’ve added these crackers to our product family, we’re able to use 99.9% of all the heirloom corn we purchase, so there’s virtually no waste.


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We are a family business who started with a kernel of an idea: We called it Pip, and it continues to exceed our greatest expectations. 

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