Popcorn Variety Pack



  • The Popcorn Family Pack has been updated to 2 Sea Salt bags, 1 Truffle and 1 Vegan Caramel! 
  • The perfect assortment of popcorn flavors for every snack occasion:  Sea Salt, Truffle and Vegan Caramel.
  • Made with real, simple ingredients so you can feel great about snacking on it whenever cravings strike.
  • Better-for-you snack for work, after school, movie marathons, parties and midnight munchies.
  • Winner of Shark Tank and featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things four times!
  • Mini heirloom kernels pop to half the size of regular popcorn. They’re crunchier, more flavorful and won’t get stuck in your teeth as often!
  • Heirloom mini popcorn kernels have been grown sustainably by our family farmers for generations for unrivaled nutrition, taste and texture.
  • Made with non-GMO, dairy-free and gluten-free ingredients!

Sea Salt: 4.5 oz per bag / Approx. 4.5 servings per container
Truffle: 4.5 oz per bag / Approx. 4.5 servings per container
Vegan Caramel: 8.25 oz per bag / Approx. 8 servings per container

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Why Heirloom?

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Why Heirloom?