Truffle Corn Dippers


4 bags, $16

Our Truffle Corn Dippers are made with 100% real truffles for that unmistakably delicious savory flavor. Proudly cooked with Pipcorn heirloom corn and natural sunflower oil, these dippers will quickly become a staple in your house. Pair these with hummus or your favorite dip, or just go ahead and eat them by the handful!

Bag is 9.25 ounces.

The Reviews Are In

Perfect for Parties icon

Perfect for Parties

Is it actually a party if there are no chips?

Great for Game Day Snacks icon

Great for Game Day Snacks

Great with hummus, french onion & artichoke dip!

Great for the Whole Family! icon

Great for the Whole Family!

100% whole grains & no artificial anything!

Great for Vegans icon

Great for Vegans

4 clean, simple ingredients


Why Heirloom?

We're heirloom obsessed, find out why you will be too...

Why Heirloom?