We’re Definitely Not In Brooklyn Anymore

Road Trip Checklist:
The Pipcorn Team - check
1 (super sleek, matte black) Death Valley Corn Truck – check
Doors for the Truck – hmm, anyway…

We’re off to one of the hottest places in the world (temperatures hitting a high of 134 degrees fahrenheit), to the lowest elevation in North America (282 feet below sea level, to be exact), and to the driest place in the country. Can someone please add water to that checklist above?!

Game plan: New York to Los Angeles, followed by a road trip from LA to Death Valley National Park. And let me tell you, whoever said getting there is half of the fun, must have predicted the road trip we were about to have. I mean, driving a reconstructed food truck (with no door) 4.5 hours into the hottest place in the country just screams fun, wouldn’t you agree?

And so it begins. With our google maps in hand, a pair of dice hanging from the dashboard and a truck filled with snacks (mostly, Pipcorn) our road trip to Death Valley was finally in motion—until it wasn’t. Confused? So were we when the temperature gauge in the truck began ticking…

Pip President and Co-Founder, Teresa Tsou recalls the whole thing, “when the Pipcorn truck broke down, it was definitely an in-our-face reminder that we weren't in Brooklyn anymore. Leading up to the trip, we had all of our focus on the intense heat, but we didn't factor in the uphill terrain and remoteness of Death Valley. Being stuck up on a hill, with no one around us was a little scary but also the reason why we traveled all this way to California to get the real experience and be inspired by our surroundings.”

As Pip Pres said, we wanted the “real experience” and that is most certainly what we got. We have to admit, in the moment, maybe the word FUN, is not how we would have described the truck breaking down, but if you know anything about the Pip Team, you know that when the going gets tough, we get things popping. Within a few hours we were back on our way and were prepared to make the rest of our trip as productive as possible!

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