Pip Pip... Logistics!

Pip Pip... Logistics!

Jen Martin | July 18

  In paid collaboration with Chase


ON YOUR MARK... GET SET… GO - Pack up everything we own and ship it to the desert! Death Valley, we’re coming for you (with a truck full of kernels, solar cookers, gallons of olive oil and lots and lots of sunscreen)!

Ok, I bet you’re wondering, how does one prepare for an adventure such as this? One word: LOGISTICS.



Oh, logistics, the magical activity that is going to make this highly anticipated, Death Valley journey possible. Pipsnacks Director of Operations, Chelsey Firor can attest to this. Chelsey tells us, “getting all the materials to Death Valley was the easy part. The real task was figuring out WHAT we needed to bring. We had never popped outside before, let alone traveled to Death Valley.”

So when the Google search “popping popcorn in the desert” didn’t exactly yield the results we were hoping for, one thing was certain: nothing about this popping process was going to be ordinary. It was up to the Pip Team to think outside of the box- WAY outside the box. 

Enter, Charguard Gloves: Heat-resistant gloves that protect up to 450°F. With these bad boys, nothing was getting through to our skin.


And to avoid any close olive oil splatters, feast your eyes on the longest measuring spoon one ever did see!


Our get-up doesn’t end there. Of course, nothing says cool, calm and collective like safety goggles.


I think it’s safe to say, we were prepared for (just about) anything Death Valley could throw our way… I mean, have you seen Chelsey’s hat?! Now that is what a true Desert professional looks like!


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