Why Heirloom?

Why Heirloom?

Jen Martin | August 12

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You pass down the things you love, and that's kind of how heirloom seeds work. Farmers/gardeners take seeds from that year's crop and save it to plant and grow for the next year. Maintaining the highest quality seeds with an unbeatable taste. They do this year and after year for generations. 

Cool, but why should I care about heirloom?

Growing heirloom corn helps protect the genetic diversity of our food supply because they are open-pollinated, meaning they are pollinated by insects, birds, and the wind. Additionally, growing heirlooms also helps preserve agricultural biodiversity by championing unique varieties that might otherwise be lost. Aka Keep Ag Weird (Thanks, Austin.)

Ok, I'm into that, but what does that have to do with snacks?!

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The heirloom corns we use to make Pipcorn products have a distinctly delicious flavor and an especially satisfying crunch. These days over 90% of the seeds and the plants we eat are hybrid varieties (and yes, organic seeds can be hybrid). Hybrid plant breeders generally prioritize shelf-stableness and uniform appearance over nutritional value and flavor. As opposed to heirlooms seeds which prioritize the best taste and flavor!

Will you summarize that? 

No, problem! All of that hybrid, plant breeder talk means -heirlooms typically have more nutritional benefits than commercially grown fruits and veggies, including fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, because the nutritional traits haven't been bred out!

Run to Whole Foods and try our snacks!


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