Cheddar Crunchies

$20.00 [4-7oz Bags]

Cheddar Crunchies Cheddar Crunchies Crunchies Pipsnacks LLC Cheddar Crunchies

We don’t put ‘crunch’ in a name unless we mean it – and this level of crunch and real cheddar cheese combine for a snack you simply can’t put down (but not the kind you have to wipe off your fingers every time you reach for another handful). You won’t feel the least bit of guilt about our better for you, non-GMO, gluten free crunchies, because they’re simply that addictive. Crunched your way to the bottom of the bag on the first open? That’s okay, because Heirloom Makes It Better.

Contains: 4-7oz bags


Cheddar Crunchies



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