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Bestsellers Bundle Popcorn Pipsnacks LLC

*NEW* Best Sellers Bundle


Not sure what to try first? Get all our most popular snacks in one bundle! 1 bag of Cheddar Cheese...

Holiday Sampler Pack Pipsnacks LLC

Shark Tank Sampler Pack


Get 1 of every Pipcorn snack! 15 snacks!! 3 flavors of mini popcorn: Sea Salt, Truffle, and Vegan Caramel! 3...

Cheddar Cheese Balls Cheese Balls Pipsnacks LLC

Cheddar Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls

The first better-for-you cheese balls with the crunchy texture and delicious taste you love, without the crappy ingredients! Baked with...

Cheese Balls Family Pack Cheese Balls Pipsnacks LLC

Cheese Balls Variety Pack

Cheese Balls

Sample each of our Heirloom Cheese Balls flavors in one pack! The family pack includes 2 Cheddar, 1 Jalapeño Cheddar and...

Sea Salt Popcorn Popcorn Pipsnacks LLC

Sea Salt Popcorn


Our classic Sea Salt Popcorn is made with just three ingredients—popcorn, sunflower oil and sea salt—so you can feel great...

Popcorn Family Pack Popcorn Pipsnacks LLC

Popcorn Variety Pack


The Popcorn Family Pack has been updated to 2 Sea Salt bags, 1 Truffle and 1 Vegan Caramel!  The perfect...

Crunchies Variety Pack Crunchies Pipsnacks LLC

Crunchies Variety Pack


Sample each of our Heirloom Crunchies flavors in one pack: Cheddar (2 bags), Jalapeño Cheddar (1 bag) and Truffle Parmesan...

Cheddar Crackers Crackers Pipsnacks LLC

Cheddar Crackers


Irresistible bite-sized crackers made with organic cheddar cheese! Baked, not fried for light, crispy crackers you won’t want to stop...

Corn Dippers Family Pack Dippers Pipsnacks LLC

Corn Dippers Variety Pack


Sample each of our Heirloom Corn Dippers flavors in one pack: Sea Salt, Truffle and Lime Zest! Corn chips that...

Truffle Lovers Pack Popcorn Pipsnacks LLC

Truffle Lovers Pack


Truffle lovers can now get all our fan-favorite truffle snacks in one pack! 2 bags of Truffle Popcorn 2 bags...

Cheddar Lovers Pack Pipsnacks LLC

Cheddar Lovers Pack


Chedder lovers can now get all their cheesy favorites in one pack! 2 bags of Cheddar Cheese Balls 2 bags...


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